Jun 29 2009

Website online

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The website is put online by Marc de Ruijter and Yvonne Zegers from dizid.com.

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  1. Cara Redenz says:

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  3. ulrich moser says:

    Hello Miss Minetti

    im the art director of the festival “quetschkommode” that tahakes place on the 8. of july at prad am stilfserjoch, a small town in the center ofthe alps, an the italien side, at the border to swizzerland…
    the festival is about the intrument caaled harmonica,over 30 musicians play all over the streets, in about 15 houses all desigend by other artists,
    in the middle of that some street performance artists make tzheir show…
    this years motto is…phantastic and lika a fairytale…
    if u are interested in coming to us, pleas let me know by email
    i would be proud to convince susch a great cracy artist to come tu us…
    best regards
    ulrich moser

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